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5 May 1991
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I'm just a regular kinda person- final year student. Hoping to go to university overseas in the coming year/s.
Oh, and i love tennis boys and spaceship boys and anything related to tina fey.
10th doctor, 30 rock, a clockwork orange, absolutely fabulous, adrian edmundson, alan davies, alexander skarsgard, alien, amber benson, anya, arctic monkeys, armstrong and miller, austin powers, ben miller, big bang theory, bill and ted, black adder, bottom, buffy, carl barrat, carrie-ann moss, constantine, cross country, david tennant, death note, desperate romantics, disturbia, doctor who, dollhouse, dorian grey, eliza dushku, emma caulfield, family guy, friends, fry and laurie, futurama, guitar, harvey danger, hitchhikers guide, hot fuzz, house, hugh laurie, ianto jones, it crowd, james masters, jeeves and wooster, john simm, johnny english, jonathan creek, josh pike, kaley cuoco, keanu reeves, kill bill, kingdom, life on mars, liv tyler, lock stock, lotr, matt stone, matthew macfadyen, matthew perry, milk, my own private idaho, night at the roxbury, oscar wilde, peep show, pete doherty, pride and prejudice, princess bride, pulp fiction, quentin tarantino, quite interesting, rafa nadal, red dwarf, reginald perrin, reservoir dogs, rik mayall, robson green, roger federer, romeo and juliet, rowan atkinson, rufus wainwright, sally phillips, sarah blasko, sarah silverman, sean penn, smack the pony, snatch, south park, spike, stanley kubrick, stephen fry, taking bubblebaths, tennis, terminator, terry pratchett, the clash, the libertines, the matrix, the mighty boosh, tina fey, torchwood, toshiko sato, trey parker, watching the tennis, we are klang, winona ryder, wire in the blood